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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?  

Financial planning is at the center point of our money conversations, serving as a guide to our long-term plans and helping align our assets with those objectives we wish to accomplish.  We believe that those clients that not only create financial plans, but review them consistently, will have a higher chance to achieve their financial objectives. 

Below, we discuss some of the more important areas in the process of financial planning. 

Investment Planning

We create an Investment Plan based on our clients’ financial plans, after establishing clear financial objectives discussing risk and return expectations, risk capacity and tolerance, and other additional important factors that are unique to each.

Risk Management & Insurance

We use traditional insurance strategies to protect our clients from life, health, and disability risks with the goal of minimizing or avoiding catastrophic  losses that could greatly impact our clients and their families.

Retirement Planning

ERISA Plans (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) can help business owners potentially reduce their tax burden and accumulate the capital needed to pursue the goal of future Financial Independence. We help them choose the right plan. 


Tax Planning


By working alongside our clients' tax advisors, we help develop plans for our Business Owners with the objective of creating tax-deductible savings along with tax-efficient investment strategies. Creating financial strategies designed to lower our tax responsibilities maximizes wealth retention.


Estate Planning


Most clients build wealth over their lifetimes and would like to pass it on to other generations, minimizing or avoiding Federal Estate Taxes (inheritance taxes). Working with our clients' legal and tax advisors, we can help them save significant amounts of taxes with the proper Estate Plan.  


Cash Management


Maintaining the proper emergency funds for businesses and individuals is critical to any financial and Investment Plan. We help our clients maximize cash flow by generating passive income, if applicable, with current cash savings or personal emergency funds.