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Who We Help

We serve goal-oriented individuals and families interested in long-term relationships based on transparency, trust, and respect. Some of the families we have helped are...

Business Owners

Most of our business-owner clients want the possibility of becoming Financially Independent at some foreseeable future  and spend more time leisurely. The two main obstacles we frequently observe have been the lack of diversification of assets since most of their assets are invested in their business and significant yearly amounts of taxes.

For some of our clients we have developed retirement accounts using business cash flows, a strategy that can achieve both objectives; in fact, it can diversify the assets outside of the business while possibly saving taxes at the same time. Repeating this strategy over extended periods of time can potentially increase the goal of becoming Financially Independent of the business.

Once business owners reach this milestone, we believe there tends to be a greater possibility, when they decide to sell their businesses, that it can be at prices that are profitable and convenient without the usual financial pressures.

Busy Physicians

Physicians, just like most of us,  wish to fund for their childrenʼs education, lower their student loan debt, become debt free, pay less taxes, plan for retirement, and eventually become Financially Independent. 

They also have high demanding and time- consuming medical practices, which sometimes make it an obstacle to invest in their financial planning. That is why we have proactive team approach to assist them.

We first organize all their financial data into one secure financial website, synchronizing their accounts and storing all their important documents, if needed. We can help choose their financial team, which may include a CPA, an attorney or an insurance professional, and make sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

After clarifying long-term goals, we create an Investment Plan with clear objectives of volatility, expected returns and probabilities of success which is reviewed and updated annually, or when necessary.

This can help our physician clients fully concentrate on what they do best: taking care of their patients, while we take care of their finances, regularly and responsibly monitoring the planʼs progress while proactively keeping them on track.


Of the many issues retirees can face today, those related to maintaining their lifestyles after retirement, leaving legacies, keeping up with inflation, and  managing health-care expenses tend to stand out. How can we help?

Our process is the same. We first create a Financial Plan that is designed to address many of these concerns.

To minimize paying unnecessary inheritance taxes, we work with our clientsʼ attorneys or tax advisors to make sure the proper financial strategy is created. To minimize the impact of unforeseen long-term care expenses, we offer the proper insurance plan to cover those needs. To minimize the possibility of running out-of-money, we create an Investment Plan that can help them reach that important objective.

When there is a plan in place for our retirees to reach and maintain Financial Independence they tend feel more comfortable to focus and enjoy their favorite hobbies like skiing, sailing, fishing, and spending time with grandkids!

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